Monday, January 23, 2012

Bali Egg Painting
All over the Island of Bali you will see egg paintings in markets and tourist destinations, but like most things on Bali there tends to be areas where the actual work is done and artisans gather like an auto-mall in the US.  I saw my first painted eggs at the market outside Goa Gajah and purchased a few as souvenirs.  Later I found the street where they make them which gave me a better selection, price and quality.  
Not really sure why but I really like them.

Typically it's a family affair with everyone joining in and working their way up from Polisher, to Outliner to Master Painter.  My wife Karen and friend and guide Nyoman Jiwa look on. 

I Wayan Sadra - Lukisan Telor - Egg Painter on Jalan Sekar Jepun No. 7 about 15 minutes from Ubud this street has many egg painters.  This is the best store that I have found so far although it was closed on our last visit, most likely just for ceremonies.

These are Swan Eggs of very good quality - they paint all sorts of designs, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Plants, Animals, Disney and - of course
 - Made to Order.

Here duck eggs - I was told that chicken eggs are too fragile.  They also make wooden eggs which are obviously not as fragile but to me the fragility adds something...
They will wrap your purchased eggs in tissue or bubble wrap and then in a basket - I'm yet to break one in my luggage but Karen dropped one at the house back in America and that was that...

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