Q:  What is this Blog about?
A:  It started out as 'lostonthe3rdrock' a way to share some photos with a few friends when I started going to Bali and traveling wherever.  Then we got the house in Ubud and I decided to use it to share photos with perspective renters.  Lately I've decided to expand it and make the house secondary and emphasize my travel and adventures in Ubud, Bali and the Greater Indonesian Archipelago.

Q:  Do you still rent the house?
A:  Yes - please feel free to inquire for availability and rates.  I will negotiate longer term rates.

Q:  How long have you been going to Bali?
A:  Since 2008 and have had Tidak Apa Apa House since 2010.

Q:  Why do you have Ads?
A:  Google will pay me if you click on them.  More money I have the more time I can be in Bali and work on this Blog.  You are not charged anything to click on them.

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