Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Jewelry Making Class

Chez Monque's Jewery Making Class Studio is on Wayan Sunarta's Family's compound 57 Jalan Sri Wedari Ubud; walking distance from Nomad's Restaurant on Jalan Raya Ubud - the 'main street'. Upon arrival I was introduced to his Silversmiths and asked if I would like tea, coffee or water to drink. Although it was warm out, we worked on a large veranda and were not in the sun.
I had brought a jewelry catalog with me from the States which was a big help to show Wayan what I was thinking about making and the difficulty that would be involved. I might add Wayan speaks excellent English and was very easy to understand.
I decided on a silver ring. Making this was nothing like I expected.
The process was quite extensive.
We started with a flat piece of silver which I hammered to get a texture on my band. We soldered, sanded, and used different chemicals (which the Master Silversmiths did for me) to come up with my beautiful finished product. The total time spent was about 2-1/2 hours but I knew pretty much what I wanted to make.
This is a class I will take again upon my return to Bali and I highly recommend it.  There is nothing like designing your own piece of jewelry in Bali to bring home.
-Karen Vaughn

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