Saturday, December 17, 2011

Besakih The Mother Temple
If you have any interest in the temples of Bali, Besakih is a can't miss...  The Mother Temple is made up of twenty-two temples on parallel ridges of the sacred Mount Agung.  At least seventy festivals are held here annually.  The first time I went as a tourist and as I remember I think we had to have a guide to go through the temple, this cost us 200,000 Rupiah even though I assured them that I was friends with Barack Obama.
Mount Agung in the background of Besakih Temple.
Good on the left, Evil on the right in eternal balance.
Hindu Priest at Besakih. 
Shiva on his bull Nandi, I believe.  I think it's gold leaf as well.
The next time I went with Nyoman and his family as a worshiper which didn't cost me anything and I could go wherever I wanted but I just stayed with Nyoman and his family as it was raining.  On a side note they sell grilled sweet corn from small carts all over Bali but the sweet corn at Besakih tastes the best.
Besakih for family ceremonies on a rainy day.
Nyoman and his niece Maya, Kadek's daughter. 
Kadek trying to stay out of the rain.

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