Sunday, February 17, 2013


Nyepi March 12


Have some more info for you.  During your stay the Orang Bali will be celebrating Hari Nyepi which is their New Years on March 12th this year.  (It changes every year due to the nature of the Balinese Calendar.)  I don't know if you know about this so I will tell you.  

Right now all over the island they are building Ogeh-Ogehs, (Monsters), out of paper mache, foam rubber, plants, cloth, bamboo, etc.  Nyoman's son Gede who has just returned from working a cruise ship is the President of the Kaja's Youth Group and they are building an Ogeh-Ogeh right down the street.  

I'm told if you venture out most likely you will just get a 'warning' and told to return home.  I stayed in.  I've heard of businesses being vandalized for violating Nyepi.  We have a kitchen here and a nice TV with plenty of movies to watch as well as internet.  Or you can do what you are supposed to do and spend the day in quite meditation but you will not be allowed to go out and ALL businesses will be closed.  Including the Airport.  As I said they take this VERY seriously.  Be sure you have stocked up on things to eat as Kedak will NOT be able to come to work this day.  The night before Nyepi they will parade them down ALL the main streets of the entire island.  This is really spectacular, I was here for the last one, but it does come with a price...  The story is that they build the monsters to scare evil spirits away from the island.  The evil spirits come to Bali are frightened by the monsters and flee.  The next day - Hari Nyepi - is 'Quiet Day'.  Everyone stays inside and are not allowed to use electrical power.  Everyone I know uses electrical power, but the are quite serious about your NOT being able to go out of your compound/house/hotel.  

The Evil Spirits return the next day - Hari Nyepi - but see no one and all the lights are out so they assume there are no people on Bali and they move on to the next island.  

I hope this does not bother you to lose the day - it's close to your arrival so hopefully you can use it to catch up on your rest from your long travels.  Personally I think it's worth it - the night before is like a combination of Halloween and New Years Eve.  I've been told it's much bigger in Kuta/Denpasar than here in Ubud but it's plenty big here.  If you do decide to go to Kuta be careful, there is a lot of drinking associated with it.  I was sorry it was not sooner so I could do it again.  I think you are very lucky to get to see this...


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