Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Diver's Cafe - Amed

Diver's Cafe - Amed, Bali

We stayed here at the Diver's Cafe in Amed.  The restaurant and a couple of rooms was on the beach and the rest of the rooms are across the street.  We just had to walk out to the small boats in the morning for diving.  Careful on the beach - no bare feet - the sand/rocks are wicked hot.
Sunset at Amed Diver's Cafe Beach
I think our room was around $50 USD per night, we just stayed one night here, I was a little disappointed with the diving, but they've built artificial concrete reefs so maybe as time goes on these will improve.  Maybe I'm just spoiled by the diving I've done on Bali.  The room was clean but rather sparse, this is not uncommon on Bali, we stayed in a $275 USD a night hotel in Uluwatu and it was about as decorated as a jail cell.  Beds were comfortable, bathroom was nice with hot water and the air conditioner sort of worked, plenty of room to throw our dive gear all over the floor.
Our room at Diver's Cafe - downstairs.
Large beds - small air conditioner
Plenty of space not much decoration
Lucky 3 - Diver's Cafe Bungalows, Amed

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