Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bahasa Indonesia

Crayon Colors
Krayon Warna
Indonesian Colors
Blue - Biru
What does Indonesia have to do with crayons?  Indonesia produces Hydrogenated Palm Oil which is used in producing crayons and candles.  I also thought that crayons would be a good way to learn some vocabulary.  Crayola has 133 colors with 133 different names.  I don't know what the Indonesian word for Salmon is but I will.  For the first post I've stuck with simple colors.  These I know...

Green Color
Green - Hijau
Red Color
Red - Merah
In Indonesian 'C' is pronounced like the English 'CH' as in 'cheese' or 'chess'.  'Coklat' in Indonesian is pronounced very much like 'chocolate' in English which helps me to remember the word.
Brown - Coklat

Jeruk is used as in English for both the color and the fruit but if you want to be clear you may say either 'bua' for 'fruit' or 'warna' for 'color'.

Orange - Jeruk

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