Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Striped Eel Catfish
(Plotosus lineatus)
Back to Padang Bai for some Scuba.  Dove with Wayan Sudiarta again - he knows this harbor better than I know my backyard, great diver and really nice guy.  
I saw these little guys here before they are really cool, schooling in a tight little bowling ball, of course, they move around when the bubbly guy with the big camera starts hitting them with the strobes.  Looked them up on Wikipedia and found that 'the serrate spine of their first dorsal and of each pectoral fin is highly venomous and possibly fatal'...  Nice.  Good thing I look and don't touch, eh..?
They school as juviniles and are only about two inches long. 
 I can't help myself whenever I see schooling fish I have to play conductor.  Da da da DAH!

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