Monday, January 25, 2010

What to do..?

Went with John Kramer from Rotary Ubud to the Pejang Learning Center in Pejang, of course, yesterday. The program is run by Balinese Rotaracts, which is the youth division of Rotary. It's always fun to see the kids but we felt pretty useless there... We just watched the class. They were teaching fruit names from Bahasa Indonesia to English. They were not really using us to help, which is, of course, their choice. John showed me some of their High School English papers which were ridiculous. I couldn't understand them. He says they write long rambling papers because they encourage them to use MORE words. Silly. So... I guess we are not going to be teaching this trip, we'll have to find other things to do to occupy our time. Tonight we go to the Rotary Meeting in Ubud.

Trouble falling to sleep again last night. Need to buy a fan, it's too hot for me when there's no breeze. I kept hoping it would rain. Rainy season has not really materialized, I guess California took all the rain. It's rained 3 times since we've been here but only about an hour each time. Cloudy today - can't see the volcano's now but we are sitting in a patch of sunshine.

Somehow the mosquito's are defeating my mosquito nets. I hear them get in and lay quite until they land and slap the shit out of myself hoping to get the little buggers. Last night my leg started itching and I wanted to chew it off like a fox caught in a trap... Hans, Marta and Billy were up late downstairs and every once in awhile they would get loud and wake me up again and I'd have to go through the whole sweaty, itchy, slapping ritual again. Slept until 9am when Made came to make us breakfast.

Here's a picture of me on my Harley. I've got on a sarong that Nyoman loaned me for the wedding. I really like riding it, it keeps you cool. But I'm a little nervous about getting outside of Ubud, scared I'll get lost or worse. They drive pretty crazy here.

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