Friday, January 29, 2010

Cremation Ceremony

Cremation Ceremony - When Balinese die they lie in the gathering room of the family compound for some time - not exactly sure how long, the family washes the body and dresses them in their favorite clothes and surrounds them with their favorite things and food. If they are rich they will have a cremation some time after that. Again not sure exactly how long. I think a lot of factors come into play. How wealthy the family is, how many people are attending, when a priest tells them it will be a good day, who's playing soccer, etc...

If they are not rich they will temporally bury the body. In this case they will have a community funeral with many bodies. This will occur within five years. I think this is the most common. They have many ceremonies involved with the funeral, including cock fights which I covered on the last post. Then they will build these Rose Bowlesque structures the whole community and family clans taking part culminating in a big fire at designated areas. I have not really seen this part at this point. I should have been able to a couple days ago - but it took us 2 hours to get our order of onion rings... (At least they brought us Bintangs).

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